Product Design

Lighting sculptures provide a point of interest within any space. Earth Mellon is a pendant luminaire based on abstract appearance of the planet Earth and a watermelon. The image shown here is based on a 4m diameter product but the design allows for any size from 0.5m to 5m diameter.

Example of Installation

Component Assembly

The form would suit retail, commercial buildings and modern house of worship being both abstract and soft but also with a small degree of technical detailing. Our Earth Mellon would be manufactured using clear acrylic/PETG panel with patterned vinyl transfer, CNC pierced/laser cut steel profiled frame and inner perforated steel glowing globe and lighting using LED strips. Vinyl transfers could be printed with a soft abstract outline of Earths land mass/continents. The soft blue on the outside blades represents the oceans and blue sky.

Manufacturing and Materials

Texture Finishes

Lighting The Inner Globe

Light Distribution Types

Manufacturing flexibility can provide a range of product types. Modular components can be combined giving different sizes and lamp cluster configurations resulting in different lighting applications.

Linkage to a lighting control system can reduce the energy footprint and provide a range of interesting lighting scenes.